Pylon Signs

Pylons-Pole Signs must be done using a real sign Pro!

This is one of the larger and more complex sign projects. 

Photo at left shows a Best Buy project which called for a 50' tall 4 posted tower structure to be certified welkded on site (Emeryville-CA) while the inspector watched. Heavy duty crane service called on to right the completed tower-then installed 4 sign cabinet to all sides at the top.    

THE PROCESS: Checking with the utilities, digging the post foundations and knowing what to look out for, building and leveling all ther forms, setting the rebar cages and placing the steel post/s & contracting for the concrete pour-ordering just the right amount and timing it for the inspection on the hole by the inspector. . . There's just too much to gamble on. Don't rely on  getting the lowest cost and sacrificing doing it right.

Big or Small Pylon-I'm ready to "git-er done"! 

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Pylon Signs