Neon Signs

NEON is Always going to be around-It simply cannot be duplicated.

However-LED continuous tubing is trying to give it a run for use in borders and some theater marquis. . .                                  but there's just something about  neon glass tubing that can't be imitated.

SERVICE: Neon does have some disadvantages when it requires some service-That's why USWEST Sign & Lighting is a good choice for servicing and troubleshooting when neon goes dim or completely out. 

TROUBLESHOOTING: Zeroing in the the real fault is quickly performed during troubleshooting to determine which component needs the help. Is the Neon unit outgassed? Is there a short or corroded ground wire in a wire connection? Or does it need a transformer replacement? Costs can mount up quickly if a rookie gets involved.

Call a Pro the first time!  

I mentioned 20 yrs service/40 years in the trade-didn't I ?

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Red Hen neon sign

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