Parking Lot Lighting

Dark parking lots pose a great safety risk!

Don't let visitors become ASSAULT victims due to lot lighting outages.

Regularly Servicing Lot Lighting is our specialty. If the high cost of using HID lamps (See the 1000w HPS Lamp at left)  is starting to add up-Maybe it's time we upgraded to the more cost efficient and better light qualities of LED retrofit lamps & LED fixtures.

Consider Replacement of the light fixture to an LED fixture. 

Most LED Fixtures will give up to 5 or more years on their warranty. That's a GREAT DEAL! Especially when you consider that the cost of just 1 service call and a new HID Lamp is often about ther same as an all new fixture. Let's talk. . .

Let us know which route best suits your needs.

Interested in our lighting services? Contact us today!

Humungous Light Bulb

Shoe Box LED lighting